Friday, 31 December 2010

Future Concerned

I'm really worried about returning to the UK in April. I won't have a job and will have nowhere to live. Yes, I do own a small property but it's rented out - it's how I've been able to sustain myself while volunteering. Unfortunately it isn't near any likely employers.  It brings in a small income which might be enough to pay for a bedsit in a cheaper town but I'll have to get a job quickly.  In the longer term I'm hoping to train to be a teacher in the Autumn via a Post Graduate Certificate of Education at a university somewhere, so I'll need work from April until September at least.

There's no chance of picking up my old job again - they're pruning staff right now. And the work I did with safety-critical programmable controllers is too specialised to be much use in many places. The employment scene in the UK has changed significantly for the worse while I've been away. Hmm. Interesting times! I'm looking into options and possibilities. At the end of the day I will survive one way or another, and I have to remember that survival is not always an option for everyone on this planet.


  1. Clive
    It is obviously an unsettling time but I am sure something will turn up and I look forward to the next edition of Clive in ......??


  2. Thanks for the confident words, Celia. I really have no idea how it'll work out... but fingers crossed, eh?!