Saturday, 8 January 2011

RSCON11 Reform Symposium - Follow #rscon11 on Twitter!

This worldwide online education conference takes place today - January 8th (and 9th, depending on your timezone.) The Reform Symposium is FREE and offers the opportunity to connect to, and learn from, educators and other professionals in the field of education worldwide. It's brilliant Professional Development and I am going to make absolutely sure I attend as many of the sessions as possible!

I've made a timezone-programmable Google Doc version of the RSCON schedule and the link is below. First I want to explain that it is as up-to-date and reliable as I can make it - I've copied the details directly from the source - but I can't absolutely guarantee that it doesn't contain small mistakes. If there are any changes after I publish this post then I'll list them below and I'll Tweet them out if they're important - be sure to follow me on Twitter - @CliveSir. And on Twitter the hashtag to follow is #rscon11.

The advantage of this doc is that you can just enter your timezone offset from GMT and the doc will display the sessions in your local time automatically. Log into your Google account then click on the link below and make your own copy. You will only be able to change the timezone in your copy - not my original!  Remember, you must be logged into Google to be able to copy!

OK, here it is: Timezone-Prog version of RSCON11 schedule
Please let me know if you find it useful.


  1. 08/01/2011 08:48 GMT Joel Wagner's Presentation Title has just become available: 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Explained Before My First Job

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