About Me

Hello. I'm Clive Elsmore, and this is a blog about my 12 months in Sri Lanka, from April 2010 to April 2011.

I'm an independent volunteer from the UK. I'm not tied to any particular organisation but I have chosen to work for AdoptSriLanka, teaching basic computer skills to teachers from rural schools. I'm not a qualified teacher. I'm actually an electronics engineer and worked in that field since qualifying in 1981. My last paid position was as a senior design engineer, a job I held for 21 years.

I receive no salary and am paid no expenses, which probably explains why I am in impecunious straits! I have no religious affiliations nor strong political bias, though I tend to lean on the side of social justice.

Why do I do this? I believe that education is one of the essentials for the eradication of poverty and the improvement of health and wellbeing. I know that what I do is a mere drop in the ocean but maybe it'll make a difference to someone. Besides, I enjoy it!

Prior to this I was in India where I taught computing for 18 months (from Oct 2008 to March 2010) at a school for the poor. Kids from ages 6 to 20, in grades 1 to 10 approximately. I also taught basic computer skills to a few artisan craftswomen. I use the name "CiveSir" on Twitter and on my wiki - the name dates from this thoroughly enjoyable India time.


Here's a short personal report about volunteering in India.

And here's my India blog, inspirationally entitled Clive in India !