Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Video - Connecting Globally

This is a short video I made at the request of my PLN friend, Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul, for her ASCD 2011 Annual Conference presentation "Connecting Beyond the Classroom Walls" on March 28th.

For it, Lisa requested the following:
  • Introduce yourself, what country you live in/tell us what you do as an educator
  • Tell us how you got started connecting Globally
  • Share with us what are you doing, currently, to connect Globally
  • How has this positively impacted your work as an educator with students?
Hopefully this will tell you a little bit more about me and my year with AdoptSriLanka

PS, in reality my skin has a bit more colour to it :-)


  1. Wow! That was unexpected. And I discovered it by accident too. Sending you an email now...

  2. What a nice summary of what you are doing Clive. So good to see and hear you "in person". Another example of how simply and honestly we can connect. Makes me think of trying something similar.


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