Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Trumpet blowing

These are some comments from my teacher-students, published in ASL's latest newsletter.  I'm pleased that they're all positive and confirm that I'm on the right track. They are from a handful of the forty Sri Lankan teachers who come along to my classes in their own time for a spot of training in the use of computers. Of course, those teachers who don't enjoy my classes don't come and therefore won't have had the opportunity to leave comments. And any negative comments have been thrown in the bin anyway!
Yes, I am joking :)


  1. Very inspiring to read, Clive Sir. It sounds like you're really helping the teachers and enjoying the experience too. Where are you based? I know a few teachers in Sri Lanka?

  2. Hi David,
    Yes, in my small way I do think I have made a difference for a few teachers and I am certainly enjoying my time here. Except, perhaps, on days like today when rain stopped all play...

    ASL has offices in Galle and Tangalle and works in 80 schools along the south coast - there's a chance we may have some teachers in common!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting - appreciate it.