Monday, 19 July 2010

Tangalle Polla

These were some shots I took in Tangalle Polla yesterday. It's a big outdoor market which takes place every Wednesday and Sunday and it's where I buy all my fruit and veg.  The prices at Food City supermarket up the road can actually be cheaper but there's no way the produce could be as fresh or have such exotic variety.  As well as fruit and veg there are stalls for children's clothes, kitchen utensils, plastic accessories, dried fish, garden plants, and more. I'm getting to know some of the characters here and have my favourites. Some are actors, feigning disappointment or sorrow when I don't buy, and ecstatic pleasure when I do! There's much that I've never seen in the UK and I am always game for trying something new out. Latest was Rambutan, which are reddish, round and hairy - you can see some in the photo of the lady with the umbrella. There's a hard outer casing which you crack open to reveal a white inner - quite similar to a lychee (same family), with a stone in the centre. Absolutely delicious!


  1. Great shots!
    Amazing fruits! What are those big spiky ones in the photo with the lady with the long red/blue squarish skirt?

  2. Hi Marco! Great to hear from you! I owe you an email - will write soon.
    Those fruits are Durian. A bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, I'm told! When I showed the photos to the lads in the office, one took a step backwards, exclaiming "uuurgh!!" while the other said "mmmmm!" I haven't tried it myself but I might give it a go. If I can bear the smell then there's a chance I'll put a piece in my mouth. I'll let you know how I get on!