Monday, 5 July 2010


This was my job for Saturday. Buy two made-to-length Ethernet cables, fit more cable trunking, pull the cables in, bodge the phone installation to make the long-dead socket active again, move the phone, network router, network switch and power strip, and tidy it all up. You can see how the pillars made installing trunking awkward. Although it looks a bit of a bird's nest, I'm actually quite pleased with it, and now I can connect the network up to the three new PCs. On Friday we upgraded the office Internet connection and it does seem a lot quicker, thankfully. Always unpredictable. And we got the aircon repaired and serviced though he covered the newly-painted wall in dirt during the cleaning process, but nothing that can't be fixed with another lick of paint. Overall we're getting there, I'd say!


  1. A bit surprised they have UK sockets over there but I should have known.

  2. Yup, they only managed to escape the Brit Imperialist Pigs in 1948, a year after BS 1363 (square pin plug) was introduced!
    House wiring in SL is a fine mix of big and small round pin, and square pin. Multi-sockets are designed to fit both, plus EU plugs and Australian plugs. Needless to say, "intermittent connection" is an understatement :)