Thursday, 31 March 2011

Clive Sirt

Subject: clive sirt

Dear sir
      thank You very much sir .    You taught us alot      IThink You
are the great teacher in the world   . We learned a lot   WWe met
many teachers    lBut  You are e ear y
one oef star in     our minds     Another few days
 willsay good bye to sri lanka       sir  iwil wish
kyou    that all merry makings    and  happyness  bring to your life


*   *   *
This was written by one of my favourite teacher-students (well, they all became favourites in one way or another!) Nine months ago she had never touched a computer before, and it took her quite a while before she was able to drive a mouse reasonably successfully - but she persevered and got there. You might describe her as eccentric or a bit scatter-brained but that would sound too negative - she was a lovely lady who cared a huge amount for her children and was unfazed by the challenge of learning "Computing" late in her career.

In fact, she had one of the highest attendances in my class and clocked up a total of thirty six hours. She was consistently early, keen to get started, and always phoned in if she was likely to be absent. Sure, she would drive me nuts by never doing exactly what I told her, or missing out instructions of exercises, but we could always smile it off!  A great character and a pleasure to know. One of many I will miss when I leave in a week's time.

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