Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Planning for Another Six Months Here

A month ago I was talking about future possibilities here. This is what I've decided:
  • I'll return here for a further six months after my visa-renewal trip back to the UK in October.
  • I'll find myself a local school to work in for a few hours a week in addition to the teacher-training work I do.
This will give me time to achieve more of what I've started, more time to find my next post, and satisfy my feeling that working with kids is more personally rewarding than working with teachers.

There's a little Muslim school up the road and a couple of their teachers come to me for training. I know I can work with them and the school supports a very poor community. The school across the street is another possibility - the organisation that will be placing computers there has given me the thumbs-up so it's just a case of contacting the principal.


  1. Thanks Clive
    I will continue to watch with interest. Your adventure keeps me interested and fascinated. Thanks for your interest in our kids too - they were thrilled by your comments from exotic Sri Lanka

  2. I thought you'd decide to stay!
    And I'm interested that you're looking for more involvement with kids. Some people are born to teach... doesn't matter what their background training is :)

  3. Thanks Celia and Edna. And thanks for being such faithful readers! You might like to know that I ran my idea of helping at the little Muslim school past one of the teachers today - she was enthusiastic and said that the Principal encourages such involvement - so looking good from this distance! By they way, just prod me if ever you'd like someone to comment on your kids' blogs!

  4. Hi Clive it is wonderful to read your blog and share it with my class especially when it enhances our current unit of work so much.
    I have added the Melting Pot song, from youtube to our blog, at your request.

  5. Hi Verona, great to see you here and very pleased you are finding stuff to enhance your children's learning! Music to my ears!!
    About that video - I hope that the words of the song are OK. Sensibilities have changed in the last 40-odd years!
    Cheers, Clive