Monday, 30 August 2010

One Of The Things That Makes It All Worthwhile

During the school holidays some of the teachers have been bringing their children to the computer classes so that they're not left alone at home. They bring books and stuff to keep busy and not get in the way. That's fine and very considerate, but if I have a computer free I'm more than happy for them to jump on and have a go with MSPaint or watch a Mr Bean cartoon on YouTube. For most, this is their first experience with a computer and I want it to be FUN! After coming three times, one little lad wrote me this letter.



  1. I'm sure you'll be in many people's heart forever. Great!!!

  2. That's it. :)
    And what a sweet rewarding gesture - keeps one going, doesn't it?
    Ants x

  3. And so many have a piece of my heart too!
    You're right, Ants, keeps you going - as I'm sure you must find with your little kidlets :)

  4. Clive, I read this post the other day and have been thinking about it since. It struck me that it wasn't the computer that made him happy but your friendliness and warmth. I've been thinking about it even more since the raging debate on IWB's on my own blog. It brings a sense of proportion, doesn't it? :( I feel a bit ashamed of raising such a ridiculous discussion. I'd like to blog about my thoughts and feelings next week. Will try and see if I can express them appropriately first. If I go ahead, may I use the letter from the little lad in my post?

  5. Hi Ed, yes, no problem with YOU using this! I'll send you a larger version to cut down to suit.

    Yes, the discussions on Interactive White Boards have become quite heated at times! Still, I think it's a question worth raising so that you (and other teachers and stakeholders) can make informed judgements about their usefulness and value.

  6. Wow, I'm sure this gives you enough fuel to continue another six months. Thanks for sharing this letter!