Saturday, 12 February 2011

Clive Goes For A Day Out To Matara

Oh what a complete waste of time! I had planned a few hours of shopping of Matara followed by a class for the boys from the school up the road but neither took place!

It didn't start well. I caught the correct bus but it was heading in the opposite direction - away from Matara! I had double checked by asking two passengers too, but perhaps they'd also have said "yes" if I'd asked if their pants were on fire! Never mind, I realised quickly enough and the driver kindly did an emergency stop.

Then I caught another bus; this time the right one. Well, the right one in terms of it going to Matara, only the wrong one in terms of the speed, the huge number of stops, and craziness of driving. It was so awful that I had to get off 8km from my destination, feeling dreadful. My whole body had pins and needles and I was within seconds of throwing up. Oh Boy! I walked for 3 or 4 km just to recover enough to catch a final bus. Not so great on a very hot, sunny and sticky February day, feeling very green and sweaty, with road dirt clinging to me from the streaming traffic.

It wasn't a successful trip - I was not in the mood for shopping and found no suitable shops, let alone shirts. As time was now running short I came back, after doing what I should have done in the first place - taking a travel sickness pill. It worked, but now I'm shattered.

The return journey was a lot better. I got to the office in time and waited, and waited... and I'm still waiting an hour later! This is the third time I've arranged a special class for the boys and they've not appeared. They're keen, but I'm insisting they bring one of their teachers and it seems the teachers are letting them down.  I don't know why - perhaps because they're not getting paid for it - but they always have an excuse. I'm running out of patience I must admit.

Tomorrow, Sunday, it'll be the girls' turn. At least they turned up once (but failed to appear last week). They seem keen too, and the teacher is a little more enthusiastic. Let's hope they come.

*   *   *
Addendum: They did come, and it was a successful lesson!

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