Thursday, 25 November 2010

Edublog Award Nominations

I've learnt a huge amount from the many blogs I subscribe to (280 of them at the last count!) and of course I have my favourites. I'd like to nominate a few of them for these annual awards.

My Nominations for The 2010 Edublog Awards are:
  • Best individual blog : "What Ed Said" by Edna Sackson @whatedsaid
    Edna is a prolific writer of consistently thought-provoking posts and a true professional in her field. I have learnt a huge amount from her.
  • Best individual tweeter : Shelly Terrell @ShellTerrell
    Despite the funny voice and quirky love of pugs(!) this dynamic lady is one powerhouse of ideas and thoughts who is always working for the greater good of the education profession.
  • Best new blog : "About A Teacher" by Greta Sandler @gret
    Very human stories from a lady who is a natural educator with an obvious empathy for, and love of, her students.
  • Best class blog : "JuniorsJig" by Year 1/2 students in Melbourne Australia, Verona Gridley @vgridley and Michelle S @msmscott
    It's wonderful to see how these youngsters are developing a global awareness. The blog itself must be so informative for parents too.
  • Best resource sharing blog : "Free Technology for Teachers" by Richard Byrne @rmbyrne
    Day after day, Richard finds new resources and shares them with the world. No idea how he does it but I consistently find treasures in his blog and have a lot to thank him for.
  • Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion : #edchat
  • Best librarian / library blog : Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 "Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites". Although his website is a bit old-fashioned, I've found it to be a cornucopia of "good stuff". If ever I'm stuck I know I'll find a resource here. Great to have as a backup. And Jerry is one of life's good guys - always helpful.
  • Best school administrator blog : "The Principal of Change" by George Couros @gcouros
    George is passionate about the learning of his students as well as his staff, with a keen interest in edtech and enthusiasm to involve parents. A very honest and human guy too - a great Principal.

Having a little fun with Xtranormal:

Submarine Story
by: clivesir


  1. Thanks! I have learned so much from you too. Connecting with people in other places with different realities is really valuable... as much for teachers as for kids.

  2. Thanks so much Clive! I'm honored! If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be blogging now... I think I'd have kept on postponing the launch. I'm so thankful for your help and encouragement Clive. Thanks for the nomination and kind words, it seriously mean a lot coming from an amazing educator like you!

  3. Thanks for nominating Verona and Michelle class blog !!They will be thrilled. It has been a great learning curve and with the connections with people like you, it has been very rewarding.

    I agree with your other nominations too!

  4. Thank you Clive. I'm honored to be nominated.

    All the best,

  5. Thank you Clive! That's so sweet! Hey what's wrong with pugs? LOL! What funny voice ;-)