Monday, 20 September 2010

Photographic Evidence That I'm Here

I thought that perhaps you'd like to see some proof that I'm actually here, teaching! I always forget to take photos of myself but these two pics were snapped for an AdoptSriLanka progress report so I grabbed them while I remembered.

The classes are beginning to bear fruit - teachers are growing in confidence and ability, and are beginning to explore for themselves.  Since I don't have a set plan of work I sometimes find I miss aspects out - an example today was downloading and saving email attachments other than images.  This is where it's useful to have my little curriculum to remind me what's needed.  And now I've started pointing the teachers to it so that they can remind me themselves and become more involved in their learning.


  1. Clive, it sounds as if things are going really weel now. Lucky you included photos as proof that their success is thanks to you!!

  2. Clive,
    Nice to see a smiling face to put to the words (although your avatar is pretty good ;)

    Your previous recounts of the bus trips to the dentist are not pretty!! We don't appreciate things like healthy teeth until we have problems with them. Hope you find something to make the travels more pleasant. Guess you have heard of the supposed benefits of ginger?

  3. Thanks for the comments, Edna and Celia.

    Ha! Their success is only partly due to me, Edna, but it's nice to think I had a role to play.

    Yep, I like my avatar too, Celia! It's me, drawn by a little Indian lad! No, I didn't know about ginger but I'm pleased to say that my journey last Tuesday was more pretty!

  4. Clive sir you are a sir to me ever. I have never find a friend like you ever. I know I will never forget your face forever.
    With Love,