Saturday, 26 June 2010

World Cup - fever, or slightly raised temperature?

Walking to work this morning I passed a house where the whole family was outside playing cricket.  Mum was batting.  Nine hours later I passed the same house and they were all still at it; Mum was fielding!  They take their cricket seriously around here.  World Cup's on the TV? Pah!

I'm exhausted.  It's a three-day weekend and I'm going to be working all of them.  I'm doing the electrics in the office and want to get them finished before Monday, when normal office work resumes and when the Office Manager returns from a three-month break.

I've been hopping onto stools, chairs and tables, sawing, cutting, drilling and generally fiddling around.  It's not straightforward - there are pillars and things to negotiate, so there are lots of little bits of plastic trunking to fit so that the cable can be neatly hidden away.  It's a slow process, much slower than I expected (will I ever learn?) but, fingers crossed, I'll be finished tomorrow.

World Cup... England's playing Germany tomorrow, I think, or was that today, or perhaps Monday?

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